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“Hi, I recently bought a Synergy/Ron box for my car as it was very sluggish. It felt like it wanted to go, but lacked torque and some get-up-and-go fitted the box to my Rover 75 diesel. Now it feels great, plenty of torque for overtaking on motorways etc. I’m very, very pleased with it!”

“I tried this on the car for a few weeks now and the results are better than I was expecting. I’ve tried all different settings, the results are excellent! Well impressed, power increased and fuel economy is improved.” 
" In one word BRILLIANT. This has given me a new car. I have always loved mg and Rovers and had many over the years from 200s 25s and a 400 and now a 2005 mg zt. I removed the existing fuel mod I had and fitted your synergy 2a with dash switch. Wow, it's given me a lovely set of options while driving. I have a really smooth 125 bhp first setting. 135 bhp economy option and finally 160 bhp measured on a rolling road on the high dash setting. The only other work I have done was to increase my boost by 3 or 4 psi and to do the airflow mod. I now have a car which looks, drives and feels better than the other makes out there, at half the price. Mg has always been good but this makes it great. Thanks for all your help and a wonderful website. "


"Thought I'd update you with the chip I purchased. After having driven the car for about a month, I can say it's completely changed the way it performs. Love the instant power increase but more importantly I can keep the car in 4th gear at 30mph - impossible before the chip was fitted. This is without doubt a five star product and just can't understand why Jaguar didn't have it configured like this when it left the factory."
    • OH WOW!!! What have you done to my car! AMAZING :) Thank you! Fantastic product! (Rover 75)
    • Works great like a new car would highly recomend buying one A++++++ (Rover 75)
    • Simply amazing - it's like having a new car (ROVER 75)
    • Spot on fast delivery. Just fitted to cat and test drive. Revelation!"(TD4)
    • The difference between standard and after fitting is utterly incredible" (MG ZT)
    • Quick free delivery, nice item, works as described, very pleased. (TD4)
    • Quick dleivery and wow! What a product. Transformed my Freelander (TD4)
    • Amazing piece of kit, excellent service, highly recommended - A+++++ (X-Type)


      " Just to let you know I have had the unit fitted for a few weeks now. All is well. On a long run (200 MILES) Motorway driving at 80mph I have returned 55mpg, previously this was around 45mpg.

      The funny thing is that it seems more efficient to run the motor at 80mph than 70mph. On the short trips (10 miles from cold) it averages 43 mpg now - up from 40mpg and yes, the car is zippier, no adverse side effects and I can stay in lower gears longer. 6th on the M Way is now a pleasure to stay in, with enough power available to safely overtake without changing down."


      "I have the tuning box turned on as well as the MAF compensator, and I'm just flitting between '1' and '2', to see what best suits. What a transformation! The throttle ACTUALLY responds like throttles should do! She hits turbo revs VERY quickly, and then she simply flies!

      The 'pull' in 3rd gear (auto box) at even mode makes the throttle position truly staggering - it's actually a bit of a challenge to keep her below 30 and 40 from a standing start!  
      Coming off a bend and putting my foot down now leaves everything receding in my mirrors (VERY satisfying!), and a quick squirt when jigging between lanes in traffic provides terrific response, and makes life much easier.

      Putting the accelerator down while turning left or right into side roads, she actually drives round the bend properly, where previously I was well round the turn before the engine picked up.

      And as for negotiating roundabouts...well! It's just like being back in my old VW Golf - see a gap, go for it, make it comfortably.

      No more of this heart-stopping 'see a gap, go for it, nothing happens, scream, swear, hit the brakes!'. It's a completely transformed driving experience, and it has made me SO happy with my Solihull product!"


      We aren't big fans of dyno charts because they only tell you what happens on full throttle, and are open to fiddling by unscrupulous operators since what they are measuring is bhp and torque at the wheels, not the flywheel. Also, it is possible to get higher readings on a dyno than on the road because a dyno run takes only a few seconds in 4th gear, which is not long enough to show up any fuel supply or turbo overboosting issues, either of which can cause limp mode or engine cutting out on the road.

      However, our partners at energy-tuning.co.uk recently acquired a very nice Freelander TD4 that had been maintained regardless of expense by its former owner. We decided to answer our few critics who claim we don't have figures and charts because our products and remaps aren't much good...

      The results also apply to the 75 and ZT cdt (and cdti after the remap was installed) as well as BMW 118/318D, which all use the same 1951cc M47r engine. IMAGE: 75BHP.JPG

      Four runs were done on a dyno operated by another tuning company.

      No tuning - expected figures of 114bhp and 193lbs ft (260nm)

      With the RonBox 2a+ installed on setting 5, both switches down and using the existing Bosch MAF (in reasonable condition) - 148bhp.

      Next, with the both switches off and our tuning file suppliers standard 140bhp remap, tweaked at our request for more midrange torque: 142bhp

      Finally, with the both switches 'on', 171bhp.

      Even these last results are as expected - many 75 and ZT owners since 2005 have had both a RonBox 1 or 2 and a remap and have obtained almost identical results. If you choose this last state of tune on your own head be it - we aren't trying to sell it to you!

      However, with a dash switch plugged into the box, then you can switch to maximum performance just when you need it. Charts on the gallery page.


      "First impressions were not good, the motor was lethargic and the gearing way too high for decent performance. I fitted the 2b from my Leon FR to the Skoda. What a transformation, absolutely fantastic! The motor with the 2b now has the guts to pull the high ratios from low revs. Previously, it really struggled to reach 100, however with the 2b fitted it pulled 122@3900rpm on the flat. It was incredible that the 2b was able to transform the little 3 cylinder Skoda 1.2 to such a degree and, while cruising at 70, the car still showed 70 mpg. Throttle response is great and the engine now has real character and, best of all, puts a big smile on your face." 
      "The 2b is fantastic. Extra torque is great and a real kick when you apply half throttle. The motor now seems even smoother and the fueling is faultless. This could easily be a VW remap upgrade. Well done Ron, great result as expected from your company. I will recommend it to all who I discuss it with." 
      2011 SKODA OCTAVIA 170CR
      "Cheers. It's made a huge difference." 
      "My car has never had so much pulling power from approx 1200 RPM. After hitting 1500 RPM, it pulls like a train, from 2000 RPM it pulls so fast in 2nd gear it's on the limiter before I can even think about changing gear.

      I did a quick test from 2nd gear 2000 RPM start (letting the engine relax before flooring it) and gave it full gas, going through the gears to 4th I was at 80 mph in maybe 4-5 seconds and had travelled maybe 100 - 150 M (that's some serious overtaking power).

      Fuel consumption has improved on the average commute to work from 44.8 to 50+ (real consumption using brim to brim method). Obviously the display consumption is now very wrong (and I understand why). In fact, the real proof is in the fact I generally put £30 fuel each Monday morning and the fuel light would come on during the following Sunday. Now however I can do an extra trip to work and back (40 miles round trip) on the same £30. A Huge thanks for a great product.
      "Well the car has been fantastic since the RonBox 2b with boost control was fitted. The performance is really quite something, with input at the throttle equaling output of the engine. Only really experienced this on my Suzuki 1250 Bandit before. The drive is now instant from idle and, keeping the needle between 2000 rpm and 3200 rpm, the car really does shift moving it up a level to compete with higher capacity diesels.

      Fuel economy is incredible for a big heavy car - recently I had to drive from Glasgow to London because of the volcanic cloud issue and, cruising at 80mph, the car returned 69 mpg according to the trip computer and on the return journey 70mpg even taking  10% off because of the tuning box influence. It was still some achievement.
      We also had a superb result with our 112bhp RAV4 - it was transformed.


      300TDI Feedback from Belgian, Filip received 20-May 2014
      "Yesterday I placed the RonBox, inclusive of an upgrade intercooler +silicon hoses to the intake manifold and I take out the EGR valve and the difference is AMAZING. The disco 300tdi is like flying!!!! "
      Filip later adjusted the wastegate to increase the boost pressure a few psi for even better results.
      • Discovered 1 300 auto best buy ever makes it go like !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ya need one as described A+ awesome bit of kit. :De [300TDI]

      Feedback concept with hand pressing a button on blurred abstract background
      “Synergy 4: I wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for your help and quick shipping of the VP box to Spain. Fitting was easy and the difference is incredible, my P38 actually lifts at the front when accelerating! It no longer feels slow – on the contrary, I now feel confident, safer and better equipped to drive in city traffic and the highway. No additional smoke – I’m very, very pleased!”
      "I recently enquired about one of your tuning boxes and any positive effect to mpg on a 2.5 Range Rover dse 2000 to which you replied you had no feedback in regards to mpg increases.
      Anyway I bought one of your boxes and fitted it, attached it and the mpg figure I got on a regular run was roughly 60 miles m25 and London driving (sensibly and cruise control at 70 on M way). This is a massive increase of around 7 mpg if not more, around 20%. Even if I run round town constantly, its a 2.5 mpg increase. So thanks very much, I now have a 13-year-old car 131000 miles and still returns 34 mpg from a 2.5 6cyl engine. Couldnt be happier. "
      "Hiya Ron got my box 02/02 fitted it 03/02 I've furred a few so called " super chip" boxs in my time and they are shall we say ok, put your module on my 97 p38 all I can say is holy sh*t, didn't realise my brakes were that bad. A million thanks to you and will be telling every one to fit a "Ronbox".
      Thanks for support, for those who have RR P38 dse really worth it.

      SEAT 1.9 TDI

      15th FEB 2013
      "Just an update on the VP unit I bought for my Seat 1.9 tdi in January. I bought it to replace an old, expensive tuning box, which I had been pretty pleased with for 9 years (it recently failed).
      Your unit feels much more sophisticated in it' delivery, the engine revs much more keenly and feels more 'modern' (wife has a newish Ford TDCi 2 litre and it feels slightly more like this now, compared to how it was). The box, I'm sure makes more torque and definetely more bhp (the torque remains stronger and for longer = more bhp) than the old unit. 

      It pays to try the various settings and find the characteristics that suit you and the car. The setting I ended up on is excellent, pulling strongly from 1200 rpm and continues well past 4000 rpm, the engine is lovely to use in the 1200 - 3000 rev range, where it's very responsive and quiet. I haven't checked the consumption figures yet, but in normal use it loafs along on very little accelerator movement and the torque quickly gets you up to speed, which will help consumption. I've been too busy fiddling with the settings and testing the results to check the average! I'm very pleased with your unit, the results, the price and recommend them to VAG 1.9 tdi owners."

      22th FEB 2013
      "Hi Ron. A little more news - I definitely get better fuel consumption. Driving smoothly, but as I would normally, I can now get a real (measured) 60 mpg fairly easily. I got 55 mpg previously and this is during cold weather - very impressed. The VP box really suits the 110hp 1.9 tdi engine. Thanks for helping me love my dear old car again, I had been thinking about selling it, but it drives so well now, loads of smooth torque, it's now a genuinely quick car (no smoke that I can see either), so why sell it - I think you've saved me a whole load of cash !
      I have to be more careful using 1st and 2nd gears, as the torque breaks traction pretty easily now - I can live with that, lively performance is good in my book !
      One very happy customer. Thanks!
      p.s. I found a small vacuum leak at the EGR valve, so I deleted it (it's left in shut position), the car runs even better and no smoke even if you accelerate hard at lower revs."


      " Wow, what a different car. Can now safely pull out in traffic when someone flashes me out. Just for your info, I fitted a new MAF 6 months ago with little improvement. My car is a Nissan Almera tino se 2.2dt (not the common rail engine). Hopefully, you'll be able to help out other Almera owners, I shall definitely be recommending your product."
      "Hi mate, just wanted to say thanks! The  MAFAM has worked a treat!! The car is totally different - I didn't realise how bad it had got."
      "Hi Ron, I fitted the  MAFAM this morning, just come back from a test drive, wow!! What a change in performance! Pulls like a train below  2000 rpm! Totally transformed the car from lazy performance to "how it should be" for a 2ltr car! I set the control to around 60% and it seems fine so will leave it there..."
      "I have been using the MAFAM for a couple of days and the results are pretty good. The sudden power delivery at 2000 rpm is smoothed out and the car is much better under 2k. I have pulled out and floored it a couple of times at low rpm and the car has responded, instead of giving me a heart-stopping delay!"


      “It's amazing how it works so fine to correctly position the internal flaps, and how it keeps the set pressure constant, even better than the factory control unit. Excellent product, I find indispensable in any kind of application. Congratulations to Ron for being so good at understanding what I needed and for his patience and courtesy in helping me solve it. "
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