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All our tuning products use low power microprocessors to digitally reprogramme the fuel or air sensor signals. We use 256 stage MAPs to precisely alter the fuel anywhere from just above idle to max power, but unlike other companies, we alter it intelligently and usually not in a linear fashion.
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So, while other products may increase the fuel by a fixed percentage across the whole rev range, (typical of the cheapest tuning boxes - analogue and pseudo-analogue boxes), we may increase it more at low revs, or more at high revs or right across the rev range, but still control the increase to avoid smoke.

The firmware also effectively switches the unit off when the engine is idling, or on the over run so there is no effect on idle stability or emissions. Again, analogue boxes often affect the idle.
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What is more, we give you control of where the increase is by providing the 5 or 10 settings adjusted on the box using the rotary switch. So if you simply want more low down torque and are not bothered about what happens over 3000 rpm, you can have it, or if you want better high rev performance for a more 'sporty' drive you can choose this, or like me, you want it all everywhere, just use the highest settings. See note below

Our Synergy 1, 2A and 2B also feature on/off switch(es) so you can disable the unit without having to disconnect it and a socket for the optional remote switches.

We were first to offer a 3-position dash switch to give you a choice of 3 settings while driving. This also means you get two tuning boxes in one - effectively a 'green' eco one, and a 'red' sport one at the flick of the dash switch. Other companies make you choose before you buy! Especially popular with 4x4 and tow car owners since they can switch to a higher setting only when needed and then benefit from improved economy the rest of the time. Now also available in illuminated push button version (sport or eco buttons).
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If your prized vehicle is getting on a bit, then you can request that we limit the power increase, or alternatively fit a dash switch. This is a popular option since the mpg is normally much better than the standard, but still with a respectable power increase in one of the eco settings. However, flick the switch and the fully monty is available.

So the extra stress on the engine, fuel system and turbo is absolutely minimal and under your full control.

REMAP + SYNERGY For the ultimate performance you can combine a remap with one of our tuning boxes. The box amplifies the effect of the remap simply because the higher injection pressure means even more fuel is injected when the injectors open, and opening them for longer is how the remap works.

For example a Vauxhall 1.9L 8v 120bhp engine produced 178bhp and 400nm of torque with both and a Freelander TD4 2L 112bhp engine produced 171bhp with both (150 with either alone)
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